CR Wash Band Banquet

Cedar Rapids Washington held its annual end-of-year Band Banquet on Tuesday, May 18th, 2010.  Events began with a family potluck and were followed by a recognition and awards ceremony.

Washington’s band program graduates 27 seniors this year, described by Steve Shanley, one of Wash’s band directors, as a mix of students who were “superstars at an early age” and some who “came into their own” over the four years.

Band letters and pins were awarded next, with an impressive number of 64 students earning either their initial letter or pins recognizing continued participation and excellence in the band program.  The pin awards culminated with the awarding of 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th pins to Madeline Young, all earned during the current school year.

The Louis Armstrong award, recognizing leadership and contribution within the jazz program, was given to Jon Snell.  The John Phillips Sousa award, given to the student who demonstrated the greatest leadership and contribution within the concert band segment of the curriculum went to Jack Kohn.

The evening culminated with a series of People’s Choice awards as determined by the students and the presentation of thank you gifts by the Wash Patrons of the Performing Arts to the band directors, Jim Miller and Steve Shanley.