Apple doesn’t want you to use AirTags to spy on someone

Apple has built several features into its AirTags so they can’t be slipped into someone’s pocket so they know where they are at all times.

Last week, after several months of waiting, Apple finally presented its AirTags location beacons . These small sensors can be attached to keys or a wallet so that the object can be easily found from your iPhone.

However, Apple has also taken into account one of the risks with these trackers: espionage. Indeed, malicious people could choose to slip them into the cloak of their partner, certain colleagues or their children in order to know, at any time, where they are. It would suffice, in fact, to indicate this AirTag as lost for it to appear on a map with precise geolocation. Obviously, this use would go against the principle of respect for private life and Apple offers a function to be warned of this kind of case.


As reported by the WCCFTech website, Apple says on its site that AirTags are not designed to track someone who doesn’t want to: “If someone else’s AirTag is in your business, your iPhone is on you. will indicate that it is traveling with you and send you an alert. After a while, if you still haven’t found it, the AirTag will start playing a sound to let you know where it is ” . Obviously, these alerts will only be played if the AirTag is at a distance from the person to whom it belongs and it has therefore been lost.

However, this means that the person being spied will necessarily have to have an iPhone themselves in order for them to be made aware of the presence of an AirTag nearby. Apple does not seem to have planned a way to report this type of spying to someone with an Android smartphone.

At the end of last week, one of Apple’s executives, Kaiann Drance, was already questioned by MacRumors about the risks of espionage . She then specified that people who do not have an iPhone could still use the NFC of their smartphone to identify the AirTag serial number. In addition, the function to make a noise on a lost AirTag is activated by default and therefore prevents it from being used as a spy device.

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