A solar eclipse on the morning of June 10, 2021

A rare sight! 

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon places itself directly between  the Earth  and the Sun , hiding part or all of it . In southern Canada,  the eclipse  will be partial,  that is, the Sun will  not be completely hidden. In Montreal, the eclipse will already begun at sunrise, around 5 am 07 , and the maximum will be reached at 5:39. At this time, 79% of the surface of the Sun will be  hidden  by the Moon. An hour later, at 6:39, the eclipse  will be over”

”  Solar eclipses, even partial, are rare astronomical phenomena ,  because they are visible only in a limited area of the globe. It is truly a spectacle worth admiring!  »  Explains  Frédérique Baron ,  astrophysicist at  the University of Montreal. 

It is in a corridor that stretches from northern Ontario and Quebec to Siberia, via Nunavut, that the spectacle will be the most impressive, because the silhouette of the Moon will come to be placed directly on the sun, hiding all its center and  not  leaving  that a ring of u  sun visible.  

“  This is the first time that such an eclipse  – an annular  eclipse  –  has been observed in the Quebec sky since 1930!  » Adds  Nathalie Ouellette , iREx coordinator , also an astrophysicist at the University of Montreal .   

Want to enjoy the eclipse ? 

The Institute and its partners are  participating in several initiatives to encourage you to get up  early on  June 1 0 to  appreciate this  rare event !    

aution! You should never observe the Sun  directly, during an eclipse or at any other time. Even partially eclipsed, the Sun is still a serious danger to the retina.  

“  To observe  the Sun  in a safe way, you have to use  a solar filter that lets through only a tiny fraction of the light , in  accordance with the standard  [ ISO 12312-2: 2015 ] , or to follow the show indirectly, by using a projection mechanism.  » . 

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